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Mobile devices now offer virtually unlimited conveniences,  but battery technology cannot always keep up with heavy usage. When you are at an event or simply out all day, you might appreciate a place to sit down and reCHARGE. 

This sleek bench is both sculptural and high tech, a compelling fusion of the unique design sensibilities of reMADE’s design and technology studio. Visitors are drawn to the bench’s aesthetic, stay for the easy device recharging, and interact not only with one another but also with any corporate brand message displayed prominently on the center tower.

Consistent with the vision of reMADE, each reCHARGE bench employs renewable energy sources and  is fabricated from recycled material whenever possible. Additionally, the benches can be upgraded as new technologies become available;  we design for the future, not for obsolescence.

Technology Overview

Our reCHARGE series modern charging benches provide portable, highly efficient, and extensible solutions for local on-site power distribution. Say goodbye to cable ramps and gaffer tape! This is wireless charging for the real world. 

Model #re1203

The reCHARGE #re1203 is designed to supply electricity for its own operation and lighting while recharging up to 12 mobile devices simultaneously, throughout an entire day. The load, charge, and discharge statistics can be observed in real time with optional wireless usage monitoring.   

Versatility and Charging Capabilities

The reCHARGE bench utilizes dual, high-capacity, 12 VDC cells to output 700 watts of continuous 120 VAC across its 6 power outlets and can operate in 3 modes:

  • Utility pass-through

  • Uninterrupted power supply

  • Stand-alone power supply

Modes can be used distinctly or in combination, depending on the application.

Operating in utility pass-through mode, pure sine wave AC current powers the bench and its connected devices. The internal DC cells are simultaneously charged via a 3-stage, 6-amp process. 

Utility pass-through mode can easily double as an uninterrupted power supply (UPS). By responding to blackouts and voltage fluctuations with a near-instantaneous automatic transfer to battery-derived AC output, it maintains power while protecting connected equipment. 

Portability and ease of installation take center stage when the bench is used as a stand-alone power supply. Hot-swappable battery technology ensures uninterrupted and limitless operation. Run time can also be extended by renewable energy sources. A built-in, high-efficiency charge controller handles the power management and makes add-on connections seamless.

The reCHARGE bench is capable of doubling its output to 1400 watts up to 2 seconds or 1000 watts over 5 seconds. These rigid overload specifications combined with the various operating modes make the bench an ideal recharge solution for most installations.


To accommodate various needs, the reCHARGE series was designed to be customized. Throughout our model range, we offer:

  • Autonomous solar-powered charging stations 

  • Integrated charging device lockers

  • Wi-Fi integration

  • Video integration

  • Power usage monitoring

  • Stand-alone battery recharge units 

  • Lighting customized and controlled to suit any branding requirements

High-density LEDs

Along each bench section are down-firing, high-density lights from our partner, Elemental LED. High Density 12V Brighter Flexible LED ribbon lights pack a whopping 360 lumens of brightness per foot. There are 3 LEDs every 2 inches and 18 bulbs per foot, yet the strip uses only 4.4 watts of electricity per foot. This solid-state light strip is rated to last around 50,000 hours, which is nearly 6 years of continuous use!

Event Coordination 

reMADE’s partnership with AES Marketing Group, a full-service event marketing company, enables us to offer a wide range of services, including:

  • Installation and delivery

  • Display design and creation

  • Event staffing 

  • Lead capture, processing, and distribution

  • Social media and viral marketing

  • PR and media relations

  • Multimedia integration

  • Complete event insurance

  • Car/truck/trailer leasing and purchase options

  • Site surveys and venue research

  • Warehousing and facilities management

  • Videography and photography

  • Vendor sponsor management and negotiation

  • Custom trailers and mobile marketing vehicles

  • Transportation and vehicles services (vehicle transport, detailing/car preparation services, custom vehicle wraps and graphics, and display vehicle procurement)


AES Marketing Group

In addition to providing event services,  AES has a full-service fabrication shop with a team of talented craftsmen.  AES is currently fabricating the reCHARGE 1203 series and can be found at

Elemental LED

All reCHARGE units are equipped with high-density LED lighting and offer a wide range of customizable lighting options. To learn more about this product and Elemental LED, which promotes style and sustainability, visit

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