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Panera Pop-up Pantry 

Role: Design Director

Agency: Allied Experiential
Client: Panera Bread

Location: New York



Generate awareness and buzz for Panera’s new marketing campaign “Food As It Should Be.”


Design and produce a full scale working pantry and kitchen where all of Panera’s 450+ ingredients can be displayed and used for demonstrations and education for media outlets and the public.


•Leased a spacious empty retail store on one of NYC’s few remaining historic cobblestone streets in the SoHo district

•Custom built space from the ground up including custom fabricated duel demonstration kitchen counters, custom fabricated pantry shelves, bakery station, custom giant timeline, custom graphics and giant chalkboard wall which took two days for a local artist to draw out the design

•Beautifully displayed all 450+ ingredients in individual jars, bowls and decor cases

•Custom back of house full kitchen built for Panera chefs to prepare samples and dishes for media guests

•Brought in 10 professional dual refrigeration units to properly store all ingredients used for sampling and display

•Crew of staff constantly cleaning and replenishing pantry display items to ensure freshness and look



•400,000,000 + online impressions

•2 days of activation

•1,500 + samples distributed

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