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SOBEWFF 2016 Lounge 

Role: Design Director

Agency: Allied Experiential
Client: Food Network

Designed a sleek and stylish 20’ x 50’ lounge and interactive consumer experience for Cooking Channel, Food Network and Travel Channel at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival on Feb. 26th, 27th and 28th. In the lounge, guests could rest and digest to prepare for the next round of brews and bites. The lounge featured branded photo ops showcasing each channel’s priority programming. The lounge provided modern conveniences that guests may not have had easily accessible during the festival including charging stations, comfortable seating, shade and six attentive brand ambassadors to assist with any and all needs. Guests were able to create a shareable experience on a selfie sofa and walk out of the lounge with a special gift, specific to each channel. The boldly branded environment encouraged tune-in to all-star programming where world-class talent is showcased. In addition, on-air talent made appearances and spoke with the press on site, making the lounge the place to see and be seen at the festival!

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